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1. What is a cookie?

A cookie is a light software file made out of letters and numbers that is downloaded to your computer when you access various websites. Cookies usually enable the website to automatically recognize the user's computer.  The main aim of the cookies we use, is to improve the experience and user friendliness of our website, for example: recalling your settings such as languages

2. Why do we use cookies?

We may use cookies and similar technologies for reasons such as

I) Security issues or fraud protection to prevent and identify cyber-attacks

II) To provide you with the level of service you require from us

III) To monitor and analyze the smooth running and performances of our service

IV) Improve users' experience

3. Cookies chart:

We use the cookies listed below:






4. Your options :

For more information on cookies and how they have been set up and help to  understand how to manage, remove, disable or block them, please check / or

You can also forbid your browser to accept cookies through altering your browser parameters. You should find these parameters through your browser options, settings or parameters 

Please note that remove our cookies or disable any future cookies or monitoring technologies may result in your inability to access information or functionalities of our service and negatively impact your user experience.

 You may use the links below or browser "help" option

In order to forbid or deny Google Analytics to collect your data on all website, check the following link:

We may alter our cookies policy. We therefore advise you to regularly check this page to keep an updated view on our cookies policy.



Through her website activity, Claire Coupvent, residing at XX avenue du Général Leclerc in Clichy, is brought to collect and manage data that some of may be considered "personal". primeval concern is the respect of your private life and shall use this data in a responsible, confidential and finite business aim. 

Personal data

On the website, personal data collected can be of 2 types:

  • User given data

This is the data that you gives us willingly through the contact form (compulsory fields such as name, first name & email address) or direct email contact.

  • Automatically collected data (cookies)

When you visit the website and upon your agreement, we can collect "web analytics" data about your browsing such as duration, IP address, browser type & version. We do this through our cookies

Data use

The user given data is use to send you information and/or respond to your queries. The web analytics data are gathered in anonymous form (through collecting anonymous IP address) via Google analytics in order to enable the monitoring of our website performance, detect eventual flaws and improve users experience. This data is used by, responsible for data management and shall not be released to a third party or use for any other means than the ones listed above.

Legal basis

Personal data shall be collected exclusively after free, unequivocal, expressed user consent through a tick box or buttons click

Data keeping duration

Data keeping duration shall not exceed 3 years

Personal data user's rights

You have the right to consult, ask to modify or erase part or entirety of your personal data.

You may also remove your consent of your personal data use.



The whole website is under the French copyright legislation and intellectual property. All the rights to part or complete reproduction are reserved, including downloadable files, iconographic and photographic materials. The part or whole reproduction of this website on any sort of support is strictly forbidden unless explicit given agreement.


The copyright legal matters

Art. L 111-1 CPI du Code de la propriété intellectuelle (intellectual property code). The author of an artwork is the sole benefiter of this artwork, by right of creation, exclusive immaterial right of property opposable to any moral or individual person.

This right is composed of intellectual and moral as well as patrimonial attributes which are determined in books 1st and 3rd of the present code.

The use of an artwork without the pre-agreed consent of its author is a civil and criminal offense (punished by a 3 years prison term and 300 000 euros fine). It engulfs "all and parts of an artwork whatever may be its genre, expression form, merit or end goal". (art. L.112-1 CPI).

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