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Photo d'Eric Notarianni, 2022

Born in 1982 in Nantes, Claire Coupvent is currently living in Clichy. She has Been registered at the "maison des artistes" since 2017.

Former student of Applied Arts school Pivault, graphic series in Nantes, She honed her technique as well as her skills in images composition there.

She is the co-founder of the Artifact association , that today gathers 9 painters all  from the Clichy Fine Arts department. Each artist proving his skills through personal exhibitions or group arts creation.  

She has chosen to express herself through water colors, charcoal and acrylic paint to satisfy her needs to touch, feel the material, its slowness and demonstrate her hand craft ability. Every tool, brush, blade, pencil and every technique enables the expression of a different emotion. as an example, acrylic paint offers the rendering of spontaneous burst of energy. Water colors brings a sensitivity, a soft touch and the mastering of randomness.

Her works question our relation with our surrounding through trying to put nature back to the center of our lives, to focus on  what's not being seen anymore. She hints at a new symbiosis between Man and his environment, his current ecological and political worries.

"I'm alive,

My eyes rise up to the sky so high,

A red dragonfly flies there"


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